The Jaguar F-Pace is the company’s first SUV and a rival to everything from the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 through to the Porsche Macan, such is the breadth of its engine options and pricing structure.
The F Pace is roughly the same size as the Land Rover Discovery Sport.The body is super-stiff and there’s lots of aluminum and other lightweight materials to keep its weight down and improve agility.

The F-Pace is very much a road-focused SUV, even though four-wheel-drive versions have some clever off-roading technology; cheaper models actually make do with rear-wheel drive.

The 2.0-litre diesel is the noisiest of the engines, but it’s never overly intrusive. There’s a gentle chug at tickover and an obvious clatter as the revs rise, although you could level the same criticisms at the equivalent engines in the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC.
The V6 diesel is smoother and quieter when you’re accelerating, partly because it doesn’t need to work as hard to deliver the same burst of pace, but also because it’s an altogether more refined engine.

Meanwhile, the supercharged V6 petrol howls away like a slightly less rebellious F-Type, which is great when you’re in the mood but can be annoying at other times.
All F-Paces have an 8.0in touchscreen infotainment system as standard, which Jaguar calls InControl Touch. It incorporates sat-nav, a DAB radio, a USB socket, Bluetooth and an in-built wifi hotspot, and can even sync with your smartphone to run a selection of apps. It’s just a shame the screen is often sluggish to respond when you press it.

The space in the front is more than enough, even if you’re a tall person. There is plenty of headroom and kneeroom. The front door pockets have as well a reasonable size and there are further storage cubbies in the centre console and beneath the armrest.
Regarding the space in the back, the F Pace has plenty of space on the backseats as well, it is easily big enough for most families. It’s certainly roomier in the back than a Porsche Macan because a couple of six-footers won’t just fit, they’ll have head and leg room to spare. However, the optional panoramic glass roof does reduce head room to the point anyone around six feet tall might feel their hair brushing the ceiling.

Jaguar claims that F Pace has a bigger boot than any of its key rivals – an enormous 650 litres with the rear seats in place. However, in terms of useable space, there’s a similar amount to what you’ll find in a BMW X3 or a Land Rover Discovery Sport. A set of golf clubs or a buggy will fit easily, as will a couple of large suitcases.
The Jaguar F-Pace is fun to drive and surprisingly practical. The 2.0-litre diesel makes the most financial sense, but the V6 diesel is an absolute belter if money is less of a concern.
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