If you’re looking for a large SUV that combines luxury, desirability, refinement, comfort and genuine 4×4 capability, you could do a lot worse than cast a glance at the Range Rover Sport.

With its fully adjustable air suspension and sophisticated four-wheel-drive system, it’ll go farther off road than most of its rivals, but it also handles keenly on road. Add in supreme cruising manners, a sumptuous interior and space for up to seven, and it also offers all the trappings of lavishness you’d expect from a limousine.

A high driving position is something that has marked out a Range Rover for decades – and even though the Sport’s isn’t quite as commanding as the traditional Range Rover’s, it doesn’t disappoint.

The seat is incredibly comfortable and supportive, although the integrated head restraint of the SVR’s sports seat is set slightly too low to be comfortable for tall drivers. The large pedals line up nicely with the seat, though, and the electric steering column offers lots of reach and rake adjustment.

The Terrain Response control (which allows you to adjust the car’s dynamic settings to suit the type of surface you’re driving on) is within easy reach on the centre console, but the central infotainment screen is marginally too far away to be operated without leaning forwards.

The Range Rover Sport provides generously for long-legged people up front. There’s plenty of elbow room, too. Less impressive is the car’s outright head room, which isn’t in the same league as that in the standard Range Rover – or as generous as in key rivals. It’s not so scant that it’ll affect most drivers, but if you’re particularly tall, you’ll be better off in a BMW X5.

The Range Rover Sport isn’t the most commodious car in its class for back-seat passengers – but it’s certainly big. There’s good head and knee room, for example, so a couple of six-footers are unlikely to feel cramped. A middle passenger might do, though. The two outer seats are sculpted, which means the middle one is relatively narrow and uncomfortable. It’s fine for children or smaller adults on short hops, but if you want a car to regularly seat five adults for any moderate length of time, shop elsewhere.

The Sport is a five-seater as standard, but you can pay extra to have two additional seats that fit in the boot. These are nowhere near as useable as the ones you’ll find in the back of a Land Rover Discovery or Mercedes GL, for example; access is a slightly awkward clamber through a narrow gap, and space is sufficient for children and small adults only. Still, having up to seven seats will be useful for some people, and is something that not many large SUVs offer.

As a conclusion,some rivals are faster and more fun to drive, but few are as comfortable or as refined as the Range Rover Sport.

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