The Mercedes Atego has been design from the ground up to offer a real specialist for both the construction and distributors sectors.

You can choose between 4 and 6-cylinder in-line engines with outputs between 150 and 279 hp.It has 3 different 6-speed gearboxes or a new 9-speed direct-drive gearbox.

There are 4 cabs – 2 S Day-Cabs which are ideal for town and the 2 L Sleeper-Cabs that have comfortable beds for overnight stops.

The truck is powered by four-and-six cylinder engines form the 900 model series.

The revised steering system has also been tailored to suit the urban multi-drop distribution environment with precise control to offer enhanced driver comfort.

The Atego also has an electronic stability programme fitted as standard and the cab has four-point suspension. Taken together, they all contribute to a predictable, sharp and agile handling performance that takes much of the effort out of driving in those busy built-up environments.

There is also a new suspension set up and a revised rear axle guide to offer even more precision. Taken together, these features promise to create a real niche distribution truck, well suited to the challenges of the sector.

If you work on a Mercedes Atego daily, add some comfort by getting the Albert Car Seat Covers.

You can choose from a large variety of materials and colors, you can personalize your Atego’s interior as you want, add logo and enjoy the safety as the covers have the german TUV Certificate for correct airbag triggering.

Check out our site, use the configurator to choose your combination and send us a request to get more informations.


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