Volkswagens tend to be great box tickers; they’re usually cars that appeal to your rational side rather than your emotional one. But with its smallest SUV, the German brand is hoping to show that it can do flair as well as functionality.

You can choose between 114bhp and 148bhp power outputs, whether you go for a petrol engine or a diesel, and there is also a range-topping 187bhp petrol unit. Volkswagen expects 80% of British T-Rocs to be petrol-powered.

The T-Roc is one of the most comfortable small SUVs on the market, soaking up bumps better than the Audi Q2, Mini Countryman and even Seat Arona, while still keeping its body from bouncing up and down too much along undulating roads. That said, you still feel urban imperfections and expansion joints more than you would in the lower-riding VW Golf.

It’s unlikely that anyone will get into the front of the T-Roc and find they don’t have enough room. Not only do the seats slide back a long way, they drop low enough to give those long in the body plenty of head room. As for width, you certainly won’t be clashing elbows with the person next to you.

Although rear head room in the T-Roc is decent (assuming you haven’t opted for a panoramic roof), leg room is less impressive. It matches the mechanically similar Q2, but it is nowhere near the Countryman and even trails the cheaper Seat Arona.

The T-Roc is a different sort of Volkswagen – one that sacrifices a little bit of substance for greater style. But interior quality aside, there’s still a lot to like.

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